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35 Old Bailey Records (1674-1913) as a source of information on organbuilders Gordon Curtis Katharine Pardee & David Ponsford
35 Towards a chronological history of the organs of Stephen Taylor (1838-1920) John Scott Whiteley Katharine Pardee & David Ponsford
35 'Miserable Dumbledores' ? - organs and organists in Victorian Literature Melvin Hughes Katharine Pardee & David Ponsford
35 Music Copyright in England, the Statute of Anne (1710) and the case of J.C.Bach versus Longman & Broderip (1777) John Brennan Katharine Pardee & David Ponsford
35 Book, Music and CD Reviews Katharine Pardee & David Ponsford
34 'To play upon the Organs any man[ner] Play[n]song' Jane Flynn Katharine Pardee
34 A day in the life of John Clymhowe: the life and career of an early sixteenth-century organbuilder Dominic Gwynn Katharine Pardee
34 The ideology and cultural semiotics of Handel?s Organ Concertos Pierre Dubois Katharine Pardee
34 Reforming Organists: the Cooper Family of St Sepulchre's, Holborn Nicholas Thistlethwaite Katharine Pardee
34 A 'Fruitful Source of Quarrels and Differences ...': The Revd Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley (1825-1889) as organ adviser Jim Berrow Katharine Pardee
34 The influence of Edmund Schulze on Yorkshire organbuilders David C.Wickens Katharine Pardee
34 The Gothic Revival and Cambridge Jose Hopkins Katharine Pardee
34 Letter to the Editor re Gray (c.1820) and St Mary's, Bathwick Gordon Curtis Katharine Pardee
34 Book, Music and CD Reviews Katharine Pardee
33 Charles Spackman Barker: a reassessment of the earlier years of his career Philippe d'Anchald Christopher M.Berry
33 Hans Henny Jahnn and Leipzig: some thoughts on the 'Organ Problem' of the 1920s Christopher S. Anderson Christopher M.Berry
33 Organs and organ-builders at the courts of Queen Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I Dominic Gwynn Christopher M.Berry
33 The Mutin Cavaill?-Coll organs of the British Isles, 1901-1913 Christopher M. Berry Christopher M.Berry
33 The restoration of a Wurlitzer cinema organ, New Gallery/Habitat, Regent Street, London Matthew Feldwick Christopher M.Berry
33 Anton Heiller: 30 years on" Richard Staines Christopher M.Berry

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