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Vol Article Author(s) Editor(s)
6 The classical organ in Australia: its influence on teaching Douglas Lawrence and John Maidment James Berrow
6 A question of touch Peter Collins James Berrow
6 The organ in Wollaton Hall Stephen Bicknell James Berrow
6 Ancient British organs Bernard Edmonds James Berrow
6 The Dallams in Brittany Michel Cocheril James Berrow
6 Attitudes to musical instrument conservation anmd restoration Grant O'Brien James Berrow
6 Sir John Dykes Bower, 1905-1981 Michael Gillingham James Berrow
6 Restoration: The Grove Organ, Tewkesbury Abbey James Berrow
6 New organs: Newcastle RC Cathedral; Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge; Robinson College, Cambridge James Berrow
5 English organ-building: 1642-1685 Stephen Bicknell John Rowntree
5 John Loosemore Bernard Edmonds John Rowntree
5 Organ music in parish churches: 1660-1730 Nicholas Temperley John Rowntree
5 Notes relating to the organisation of organ-building in England, to c.1740 Nicholas Thistlethwaite John Rowntree
5 The preservation of a national heritage: Australia's historic organs John Maidment John Rowntree
5 J.C.Bishop, Ushaw College and the Lancashire Catholics. Pt.II: the organs Gerald Sumner John Rowntree
5 An introduction to Brice and Richard Seede: organ-builders of Bristol Christopher Kent John Rowntree
5 The Sack...or one organ in search of a builder...Some notes on the 1708 organ in Pembroke College, Cambridge John Rowntree John Rowntree
5 New organs: Pembroke College, Cambridge; University College School, London; Bray, Co.Wicklow, Ireland John Rowntree
4 The Englishness of the English organ case: some thoughts on organ case design in England: 1660-1800 Nicholas Plumley John Rowntree
4 The Chayre Organ: an episode Bernard Edmonds John Rowntree

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