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The BIOS Historic Organs at Risk Register is designed to augment Historic England's Heritage at Risk Register for historic buildings.

We should not give up on important historic organs that have become neglected. Restoring them to musical use contributes to our national culture. The organ has a many-faceted nature. It enables the performance of a wide variety of music and supports the growing popularity of choir singing, with almost every organ an individual creation. The evolution of its mechanism in response to the demands of musicians is a study in itself  and, as an organ is very large piece of furniture, it has often been a focus for the decorative arts.  For a further introduction to the organ - CLICK HERE

The purpose of the register is to single out important organs under threat, either because a building is at risk of structural alteration or closure, or because the organ itself is at risk following prolonged neglect. The end result is a Register giving a dynamic picture of the instruments most at risk and in need of safeguarding for the future.

The Historic Organs at Risk Register is part of the National Pipe Organ Register. The At Risk Register can be consulted on-line - CLICK HERE

Eligible Instruments are restricted to organs that have already been listed by BIOS or are potentially listable. For details of the criteria for inclusion in the register - CLICK HERE

Applications to have an organ placed on the Register may be made by any person with a genuine interest in the perceived threat to the organ in question. To obtain an application form - CLICK HERE  

To see details of organs recently added to the At Risk register - CLICK HERE

To see details of organs recently saved and therefore removed from the At Risk register - CLICK HERE

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