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The Revd Andrew Freeman
Photographic Collection (1895-1946)


An Andrew Freeman photograph of
   the organ case now at Mistley,
   Essex. Made by Thomas Harris in
   1667 for Worcester Cathedral
   (chair case)

This valuable and unique Collection of photographs of organ-cases has been given to the British Organ Archive by the Freeman family. The fragile glass-plate negatives have now been copied electronically on to disk enabling copies to be made as appropriate for research purposes. The work was made possible partly by generous donations from members of the Freeman family in Cheltenham, USA and Canada.

The locations are listed in alphabetical order to aid your search. Andrew Freeman often included two views of each organ in his collection - some from exactly the same position. If you are happy to leave the choice to the archive, we will select the clearest or most informative of the images for you. The English images were collected between 1895 and 1946 and, although some of the earlier negatives may have deteriorated over the years, most are in excellent condition producing prints of sharp and clear detail. The images collected on Freeman's Continental "Organ Tours" have also been listed here but the locations have not yet been matched exactly with the Journals that he produced for each tour. These Journals can also be viewed at the British Organ Archive by appointment.

In Search of Organs contains 234 full-page Andrew Freeman photographs of important and historic organ cases, including some destroyed 1939-1945.  Hardcopy.   List price 40 pounds.    BIOS website price 35 pounds. CLICK HERE to buy.

To access original Freeman images in the British Organ Archive at the Cadbury Research Library CLICK HERE

Freeman images can also be viewed from the National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR) under the heading Buildings Found at the foot of the individual entry for the location and then clicking the entry under Cadbury Digitised Plates. Another route is via the BOA section of the NPOR and the relevant Document Archives page and then clicking the entry under Cadbury Digitised Plates.

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