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Cambridge, St Mary III; 20ss; 1185 pipes; Schmidt n.d; repaired Avery; Beyond London 154
Cambridge, Trinity College IIIP; 21ss; 138 [?] pipes; Fr Smith; re-voiced and repaired by Lincoln who added a Copula; Beyond London 56
Canterbury Cathedral III; 24ss; 1574 pipes; organs rebuilt with additions by S Green 1784; 1810 Elliot added Cremona & Bassoon to Choir; 94
Carlisle Cathedral III; 20ss; 997 pipes; Avery 1806; completed by Elliot 1808; "this is the best organ that Avery ever built" 87
Chapel Royal III; 16ss; 875 pipes; Schrider, Swell added by Russell 1785; a very good for nothing organ; repaired and Dulciana put in place of Cremona by Lincoln about 1801 or 1802 Westminster 16
Chapel Royal III; 18ss; 1008 pipes; 1672 Bernard Schmidt; Echo placed behind music desk above the keys and is unenclosed; Westminster 155
Charlotte Chapel, Pimlico II; 13ss; 758 pipes 'Byfield & Green 1770 costing Westminster 179
Chelmsford, St Mary III; 24ss; 1530 pipes; Hancock 1772; Sesquialtera & Mixture, also lower notes of Open Diapason new by Russell in 1803; there is a Copula; repaired and revoiced by Russell in 1811 - new Dulciana and Cremona, also pedals and large pipes added; Beyond London 74
Chester Cathedral II; 14ss; 780 pipes; Smith n.d; Choir and Great Trumpet by Snetzler 108
Chichester Cathedral III; 20ss; 1191pipes; Renatus Harris 1677; repaired and new Choir added by Byfield n.d; repaired Thomas Knight 1770; 91
Chiswick, St Nicholas II; 12ss; 589 pipes; H Russell 1796; Greater London 60
Christ Church, Newgate St. III; 20ss; 1091 pipes Harris n.d; Central London 15
Christchurch Priory III; 12ss; 698 pipes; Alexander Cumming 1788 costing Beyond London 137
Colchester, St Runwald I; 8ss; 542 pipes Russell 1806; Beyond London 110
Cologne Cathedral notes only Overseas 194

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