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Location Detail Comment Region Page
Ashton u Lyne PC II; 16ss; 1047 pipes Geo. England 1770; Beyond London 62
Bangor Cathedral III; 13ss; 774 pipes; Green 1779; 158
Barking PC III: 17ss; 1021 pipes; Byfield & Green 1770; Cost Greater London 86
Barking, All Hallows III; 22ss; 1265 pipes n.d Greater London 10
Bath Abbey III; 20ss; 1231 pipes; Jordan n.d; a very powerful, fine toned organ; Beyond London 95
Bath, Christ Church (Free) I; 8ss; 602 pipes; Avery 1800; same front as StMargaret, Westminster Beyond London 100
Bath, St James IIIP; 18ss; Richard Seed of Bristol n.d; new Choir added by Holland of Bath; Beyond London 100
Bath, St Margaret's Chapel II ; 15ss; 974 pipes; Snetzler c.1770; (Swell plays from Choir); same front as the Savoy Beyond London 101
Battersea - Clapham PC III; 20ss; Gray; Greater London 47
Beaumaris PC II; 14ss; 876 pipes; Collins of Liverpool 1807; Beyond London 163
Beccles PC III; 19ss; 1198 pipes; Old organ by Bridge from St James, Clerkenwell sold to this church for Beyond London 140
Bedford , St Paul III; 16ss; 971 pipes; Schmidt; notes on compound stops and pitch Beyond London 191
Bedford, St Mary I; 6ss; 307 pipes; W Allen 1804; one barrel with 10 tunes Beyond London 197
Bermondsey - St Mary, Rotherhithe III; 21ss; 1335 pipes; Byfield 1764; Greater London 69
Bermondsey, St Mary Magdalene [no details] Greater London 67

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