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Wells Cathedral III; 22ss; 1398 pipes; Schmidt 1664; rebuilt Green 1786; 106
Whitchurch PC II; 14ss ; 958 pipes ; n.d; Swell plays from choir; repaired by Hiley of The Strand who made new Trumpets; uncommonly fine Diapasons like Westminster Abbey; design same as Westminster Abbey; Beyond London 148
Whitechapel Greater London 33
Wigan PC III; 22ss; 1307 pipes; originally had only one keyboard; Choir & Swell added by Byfield & Green 1770 costing Beyond London 178
Winchester Cathedral IIIP; 23ss; 1398 pipes Avery 1799; 96
Winchester, College of St Mary III; 14ss; 934 pipes; rebuilt with additions by Green 1780; Beyond London 189
Winchester, St Maurice II; 13ss; 836 pipes; Schmidt: given by the Marquis of Caernarvon in 1756; shifting movement; Beyond London 189
Winchester, St Peter RC Chapel I; 6ss; 395 pipes Hugh Russell 1812; Beyond London 188
Windsor, St George's Chapel III; 25ss; 1586 pipes; Green 1790; Beyond London 50
Windsor, St John III; 17ss; 1241 pipes; organ from St George's Chapel moved here in 1789 ; Beyond London 185
Wisbeach, St Peter III; 21ss; 1259 pipes; Green 1789 in an old case like St Katherine Kree; Beyond London 144
Worcester Cathedral II; 15ss; 1015 pipes; said to be by Schmidt but repaired by Bridge in 1730 with new keys, movements and Trumpet; 104
Yarmouth, Gt. St George II; 15ss; 959 pipes; Byfield, Bridge & Jordan n.d; Swell plays from Choir; design like St George's in the East; details of composition of compound stops; Beyond London 141
Yarmouth, Gt. St Nicholas IIIP; 27ss; 2053 pipes; Jordan 1732 costing Beyond London 190
Yarmouth, Gt..St Nicholas III; 26ss; 1806 pipes; Byfield, Bridge & Jordan 1732 costing Beyond London 177

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