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Location Detail Comment Region Page
St Olave, Hart Street III; 21ss; 1413 pipes; Green 1781; Central London 71
St Omer, St Bertin notes only Overseas 193
St Pancras - Woburn Chapel II; 11ss; 717 pipes; William Gray n.d; Greater London 154
St Patrick's RC Chapel, Soho Square IIP; 12ss; 681 pipes; Gray n.d; Westminster 162
St Paul's Cathedral IIIP; 27ss; 1976 pipes Father Schmidt n.d; Swell added by Crang. a fine organ but sharp pitch. Central London 38
St Paul, Covent Garden IIIP 23ss; 1449 pipes; Gray 1790; same design as St Anne, Soho Westminster 39
St Peter, Cornhill III; 19ss; 1148 pipes; Father Schmidt n.d; swell added by Mr Gray; Central London 40
St Peter-le-Poer, Broad Street [no details] Green - [see index] Central London 71
St Sepulchre III; 24ss; 1476 pipes; Harris 1677; reeds very fine but the rest of it is thin Central London 42
St Stephen, Coleman Street III; 21ss; 1386 pipes; Avery 1775; Central London 43
St Stephen, Walbrook III; 25ss; 1596 pipes; England 1790; Central London 43
St Vedast [no details] Hancock - [see index] Central London 72
Stepney - Danish Chapel, Wellclose Square III; 13ss; 702 pipes; Smith; Swell by Avery; n.d; a very fine little organ Greater London 19
Stepney - German Lutheran Chapel, Whitechapel III; 16ss; 851 pipes England n.d; Choir by England and Russell; Greater London 24
Stepney - Sion Chapel, Whitchapel I; 8ss; 507 pipes; Russell 1791; Trumpet (54 pipes) added in 1810 Greater London 92

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