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Notes on Morse of Barnet; Griffin 121
Notes on Edward Purcell 122
Observations on organbuilding 123
Observations on organbuilding 124
Observations on organbuilding 125
Notes on 'German Pedals' and the Double Diapason 127
List of earliest churches to have Pedals on their organs. 128
Extract from 'Swinney's Birmingham Chronicle' May 17th 1804 176
Abbey IIIP; 21ss; 1335 pipes Schrider n.d; a very fine organ except the Swell; pedal pipes of wood-open of very large dimensions, and though only unison with the Diapasons have the effect of a Double Diapason through the quality of tone Westminster 45
All Hallows the Great, Thames St. II; 15ss; 1038 pipes; Parker 1749. Central London 5
All Hallows, Bread Street III; 14ss; 724 pipes 1717 Central London 4
All Hallows, Lombard St. I; 9ss; 604 pipes; Renatus Harris 1690. A very fine Trumpet. Central London 6
All Hallows, London Wall I; 9ss; G P England's father. A very good organ for the size, too crowded. Central London 3
Alost, St Martin notes only Overseas 193
Antwerp Cathedral notes only Overseas 193

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