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Vol Article Author(s) Editor(s)
33 The Heritage Lottery Fund and organ restoration David S. Knight Christopher M.Berry
33 Uncertain times: politics and culture in England and Brittany" Martin Renshaw Christopher M.Berry
33 Book and music reviews" Christopher M.Berry
32 The organ of King's college, Cambridge: 1605-1802 Nicholas Thistlethwaite David S.Knight
32 The 1704 Renatus Harris organ at St.Botolph's Aldgate: Restoration issues" Dominic Gwynn David S.Knight
32 The Casparini Research Project: a new organ for the Eastman School of Music" Joel Speerstra David S.Knight
32 A barrel organ by Richard Coates: a study in restoration" Robert L.Barclay David S.Knight
32 'Quaint and Irrational'? A performer's perspective on the Historic Sound Archive" Anne Page David S.Knight
32 Thoughts on the inclusion of the Tierce rank in English Mixture stops, 1660-1940 William McVicker & David Wickens David S.Knight
32 Renn re-visited: an appreciation of 'Samuel Renn - English organ builder', with reference to some recent findings David Wickens David S.Knight
32 Organ conservation in Australia: attitudes and outcomes" Kelvin Hastie David S.Knight
32 Book and Music Reviews" David S.Knight
31 Boris Ord and the reconstruction of the organ in King's College, Cambridge: 1932-4 Nicholas Thistlethwaite David Hemsley & David Ponsford
31 The Organ and its Music Vindicated' - a study of 'Music Sermons' in 18thC England" Pierre Dubois David Hemsley & David Ponsford
31 Bryceson Brothers' house organ for N.J.Holmes Esq." David Hemsley David Hemsley & David Ponsford
31 The Commercial development of tubular-pneumatic key actions" John Norman David Hemsley & David Ponsford
31 Wilkinson & Son of Kendal: the origins and history of the firm in the 19thC" Gerald Sumner David Hemsley & David Ponsford
31 As much organ-building intellect as they have in London' - George Fincham and his Melbourne exhibition organs" John Maidment David Hemsley & David Ponsford
31 An Elliot organ in Tasmania,David Shield David Hemsley & David Ponsford
31 Linking archival information with archeological evidence,David Wickens David Hemsley & David Ponsford

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