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3 . . . . . . . . The Dallam family Bernard Edmonds Nicholas Plumley
2 Digitus Dei Hoc: the organ and the English Church in the era of Smith and Harris Peter Williams Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 Bernard Smith (c.1629-1708) organist and organ-builder: his origins John Rowntree Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 A note on the Smith four tower organ-cases Michael Gillingham Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 Organo Pneumatico: the construction and design of Bernard Smith's organ for the University Church,Cambridge, 1698 Nicholas Thistlethwaite Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 Organ advisory work in the Anglican Communion: Some developments in recent years in the NorthEast Donald Wright Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 The organs of St.James Church, Poole, and the Goss family Betty Matthews Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 The restoration of the organ in Sydney Town Hall David Kinsela Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 Elgar's Organ Sonata in G (Op.28): a study of the manuscript sources and original interpretation Christopher Kent Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 Notes: The organ case in Holsworthy Church John Speller Nicholas Thistlethwaite
2 ..... An early organ-maker's will Betty Matthews Nicholas Thistlethwaite
1 The English Organ Archive: preliminary list of material deposited Michael Sayer
1 The organs of the Lincolns,James Boeringer Michael Sayer
1 Of Tombstones, Files and Coelacanths ... Bernard Edmonds Michael Sayer
1 Thomas Wilkinson of Kendal and the organ in Preston Public Hall Gerald Sumner Michael Sayer
1 The Disley Renn: an essay in investigation David Wickens Michael Sayer
1 Organ Design for the English Liturgy Nicholas Danby Michael Sayer
1 Robert Dallam's organ in York Minster, 1634 Michael Sayer Michael Sayer
1 Organ and liturgy: the organs in St.Joseph's Church Keighley and the Church of Michael Sayer
1 . . the Sacred Heart, Henley-on-Thames John Rowntree Michael Sayer

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