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4 An early 17th century British organ: a preliminary study Martin Renshaw John Rowntree
4 Organs of the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford Robert Pacey John Rowntree
4 The Samuel green organ at Heaton Hall David Wickens John Rowntree
4 Honest Organ John Rowntree John Rowntree
4 The challenge of the classical organ: an organ teacher's point of view John Wellingham John Rowntree
4 J.C.Bishop, Ushaw College and the Lancashire Catholics. Pt.I: historical aspects Gerald Sumner John Rowntree
4 English organ design in the Industrial Revolution Michael Sayer John Rowntree
4 The 6th International Organ Week: Bruges, 1979 John Brennan John Rowntree
4 Provincial and unscientific remarks by the organ-builder Joseph von Glatter-Gotz John Rowntree
4 New organs: Christ Church, Oxford; Trinity College, Cambridge; Paddington Green, London John Rowntree
4 Notes: The organ in Trinity College, Oxford John Speller John Rowntree
3 Organ Reform in England - some influences John Rowntree Nicholas Plumley
3 Towards an indigenous classical organ design Martin Renshaw Nicholas Plumley
3 The reform of the reform Joseph van Glatter-Gotz Nicholas Plumley
3 Main roads to the modern Dutch organ Ole Olesen Nicholas Plumley
3 The well-tuned organ. An introduction to keyboard temperaments in 18th and 19th century England Alexander Mackenzie of Ord Nicholas Plumley
3 A trial of unequal temperaments on the organ C.A. Pagham, P.D. Collins and C.K. Parker Nicholas Plumley
3 Colonial organs: being an account of some early English instruments exported to the Eastern United States Barbara Owen Nicholas Plumley
3 The Harris/Byfield connection: some recent findings Nicholas Plumley Nicholas Plumley
3 Notes: A lost organ case Bernard Edmonds Nicholas Plumley

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