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John Marsh's House organ

Day conference at St Mary's Church, Bleasby, Nottinghamshire       

Saturday  8 July  2017   10.30 for 11.00

Organ originally 1783 John Hancock

John Marsh (1752-1828) had a house organ built by John Hancock in 1783, installed firstly at Nethersole House in Kent and then, from 1787 until his death, at his house in Chichester. Much detail of this organ is recorded in Marsh's Journals (edited Brian Robins Vol 1 (1998) & Vol 2 (2013). However, the subsequent history of the organ was not widely known until recently.

It has transpired that the organ passed firstly to Marsh's second son and thence to his grandson, both ordained clergy. They moved it around the country until it arrived at Bleasby vicarage in 1863 and then, in 1869, St Mary's Church, Bleasby. Although much modified during Marsh's lifetime and, somewhat thereafter, the organ retains its distinctive case and much of the original pipework. The meeting will review the history and archaeology of this unique instrument in the context of John Marsh's life as organist and composer 


10.30    Registration and Coffee

11.00    Welcome - Alan Thurlow (BIOS Chairman)

11.15    An encounter with John Marsh, gentleman composer - Brian Robins

12.15   The history and archaeology of John Marsh's house organ - Martin Renshaw

1.15     Lunch (included)

2.15     The Perambulations of John Marsh's house organ - David Shuker

3.00    Discussion - options for the restoration/conservation of the Bleasby organ - Chaired by Alan Thurlow  

3.45     Music by John Marsh for two players at one organ -  David Ponsford & Martin Renshaw

4.15    Tea 

Conference fee 25 pounds including coffee, buffet lunch and tea


OrganFest 2017

Hull City Hall & Beverley Minster  

8 - 9 September 2017


OHTA (Organ Historical Trust of Australia)

40th Anniversary Conference, Melbourne   

25-30 September 2017

Details from johnrm@tpg.com.au


A Cavaille-Coll day

Manchester Town Hall & Parr Hall, Warrington  

Date to be arranged


The BIOS Lunch

Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair, London  

25 November 2017


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